Watching a soccer match!

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Watching a soccer match!


1. スタジアムの屋台で買い出しからスタート。

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How to get your nibbles and drinks is an important matter when watching a game. Basically there are food stands in the stadium and you can get it during the game. So let’s get started.

The phrases you can use:

“Can I get a beer?”
“I’ll have a beer.”

“I’ll have a chocolate banana crepe.”

“I’ll take this 2.”
“Could I have 2 of these, please?”

“How much is this?”
“How much would it be?”

“Hey! There is a shaved ice stand!”

2. 観客席へいざ入場。


Then let’s get your seat.

“Hey, here is the entrance of area A.”

“Hope there are good seats for us.”
“Are there still seats for us?”

“Let’s take these seats.”
“I’ll take these to watch.”

“Great view!”
“We can see this field well from this seat.”

3. ゲームスタート!

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Finally, the match is starting. Fans erupt with joy.

“The players are coming in now!”

“I’m so excited!”
“Feel thrilled!”

“That was a foul, right?”
“Oh, it’s a foul!”

“Good ball!”

“Have it!”

“Great finish!!”

“I’ll be right back.”
“I’m going to the restroom.”

“Good job!”
“Great match!”


Actually the result was a tie and got 1 point for the tournament. The 90 minutes match was really short than I thought. It’ll be fun to watch with nibbles and drinks! Had a great time:)

結果は引き分けで勝ち点1でした!(Great match!)これまでバスケットボールやバレーボールの経験しかない私にとってサッカーゲームは長いもの、というイメージでしたがあっという間に時間が過ぎていました。昼間から野外でお酒や好きなおつまみをお供に観るサッカーは格別です。スポーツは生に限りますね^^

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以上、Watching the soccer match!でした。